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K2 at a glance

In K2 we have been operating in the field of contract furniture since 1997. We continue with passion for innovation, the successful path that our father Anastasios Papadopoulos began two decades ago.

Our headquarters are located outside Thessaloniki, very close to Chalkidona. They include a showroom of 3000 sq.m and our own production facility, where we create high quality professional furniture solutions for you. The facility, which is equipped with the latest word in technology and our specialized team, offers to you excellent result.

We have a wide range of contract furniture options we produce in Greece, and we represent the leading manufacturers in Greece.

The culture of Κ2

We believe that professional furniture can make the difference for your business. The decoration of the space with the right furniture is the touch that refines your investment.

That's why we work with passion, offering you a unique variety of high quality options and solutions. Our advantages are the great attention to detail, the particular care we show in every step of production, our professionalism combined with personal service.

But most importantly, we would like to offer you exactly what your project needs. That's why we design and offer custom furniture solutions for you that ideally highlight your space and - above all - respect your investment and its prospects in a highly competitive environment such as Greece.

At the same time we are enriching our range with selected proposals from abroad, to ensure that in K2 you will find exactly what you are looking for. The best!

History of K2

K2 has a track record in the business of furniture over 20 years. The company was founded by Anastasios Papadopoulos in 1997 and from the very beginning gave a different way of high quality and friendly customer relationship.

It established the trade name Kareklorama and approached the market in a modern way. The business has grown and expanded. Within a few years took over new office premises and a private owned production facility.

Today Anastasios Papadopoulos has now handed over the baton to his sons Christos and Vlassis, who continue, always with a passion and hence to innovating, the path outlined by the founder of K2.

Our family DNA remains unchanged, ensuring a personal relationship with our clients. At the same time, our legacy is constantly enriched by the restless spirit of our leadership team, which follows and assimilates the latest developments in design and production technology, design, aesthetics and other fields related to contract furniture.

Facilities of K2

K2 has its own production facilities, at its headquarters, 2 km from Chalkidona. Equipped with the latest technology, our unit enables the design and implementation of high quality custom solutions.

But people make the real difference , not only the machines. That's why our production facility is supported by experts. With knowledge, experience and passion for the result, the K2 team implements and manages the production process at every stage, ensuring the best possible final product for you.

We show the same concern at every stage of our work, from ordering to designing and creating the original. From production to packaging, shipping and delivery to your location. We apply the same high standards everywhere, because for us the perfect result is the process! A process that is completed when the K2 solutions are placed in your space, creating the ideal atmosphere that you have imagined.

Showroom Κ2

We have 3 showrooms in Greece (one in Chalkidona, one in Crete and one in Thessaloniki). We have established our own sales network with agents covering all over Greece, while our clientele already includes businesses in Central Europe and Cyprus. We make our present at the exhibitions of our industry in Greece, while we are already planning to expand our presence in exhibitions abroad. Wherever your business is, whatever your space, we are there for you.

Κ2 Customer Service

Service to us is a value that does not stay within the confines of professionalism. It comes from our family DNA and the personal relationship we have always built with our clients. And that's a characteristic we maintain, no matter howour company grows or evolves.

However, the sense of service stems from the common reality that we all experience in Greece today. We understandthe business environment, the challenges that any business endeavor has to face. We respond to all this with a friendly attitude and high professionalism as partners who stand by you and offer solutions.