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1. General
This website www.k2furniture.gr (hereinafter referred to as the "website") is owned and operated by the company under the name "Papadopoulos Anastasios & Co. OE", and the distinctive title "K2 CONTRACT FURNITURE", Furniture Manufacturing located at the area of Chalkidona-Thessaloniki with VAT: 999259390, legally represented (hereinafter referred to as "Our Business", "We", "Our", or "Us"). Your use of this website as visitor or user, as well as any other services provided or intended to be provided by this website, on one hand constitutes your prior and full acceptance of the Terms of Use described below and on the other hand constitutes their acceptance in full. The uninterrupted and continued access to this website by the user and the consequent use of the content of its services shall be considered as acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of this website www.k2furniture.gr in implementation thereof. If the user does not agree to any or all of the following Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy, please stop browsing and using this website immediately. In the light of the above, the Terms of Use of our site are as follows:

2. Access to the website
The www.k2furniture.gr through our home page www.k2furniture.gr presents our products in categories in detail, our new products, the main projects we have participated in, our company profile, the potential for expressing interest with personalized form, our catalogs and our range of materials under the company Papadopoulos Anastasios & Co. OE.. Our Company may deny or terminate at any time and without any prior notice to the user the access to this website or discontinue the use of any of its content or services if at its sole discretion it does not comply with our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy or any applicable law or regulation. In this case, the user must immediately destroy any files or material that he/she has downloaded or printed. Our Company will make every reasonable effort to provide uninterrupted access to this website, however, from time to time, such access may not be possible either for reasons of work on it (maintenance, correction, addition of new material), or for reasons due to incidents of force majeure (network failure, reduced network performance, etc.). The term "commercially reasonable" means reasonable efforts made in the good faith and prudent business without excessive or costly use of time, resources, personnel or money.

3. Confidentiality
Our Company fully respects and protects the information provided by the users when using our website in order to gain and maintain a smooth and secure access to it. The exact content of user information collected by our Company, as well as the reason for such collection, is described in detail in the Privacy Policy [insert hyperlink] , which also governs the use of our website and which the user must read carefully in order to understand our practices. In any case, the use of this website is subject to and warrants the full knowledge and acceptance of data collection provided by the user by the user in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

4. Forbidden behavior on behalf of the user
Our Company grants a limited, non-exclusive access of personal use (and not commercial) use of this website, which may be revoked. Each user expressly agrees that they shall not perform, either personally or through a third party, any of the following actions described herein as "Prohibited Behavior": (a) Transmit, install, upload, or transfer any virus, advertising, communication, or other element or process to this Website that could either in any way affect its use or adversely affect the computers, servers or databases of our Company. (b) Copy, modify, unzip, disassemble, redistribute, republish, modify, create derivative works, assign, grant license, transfer or customize any software, information, text, graphics, source code or HTML, or other content available at this site. (c) Remove or modify any copyright, trademark, legal content notices or other distinctive features of the content available on this site and its related services. (d) Violate or attempt to violate our Company's security mechanisms, such as, but not limited to, attempting to gain access to any data or server that is inaccessible, violating thereby the security of this website and the services related thereto. (e) Use any device (such as a "web crawler" or other automatic recovery mechanism) or other means to gather information about other users of our Website or our Business. (f) Undermine or use any undermining techniques against our website or section thereof. (h) Present our Business, our website or our services in a deceptive, false, demeaning, or in any case offensive and unacceptable manner, or link our Business to unwanted products, services or opinions. (i) Use our Website and its affiliated services either to commit illegal acts or as a means of disseminating unacceptable, derogatory and generally offensive views and positions, eg. sensitive personal data, political, social and religious beliefs. User's conduct, either personally or through a third party, of any of the foregoing actions shall have the immediate effect of terminating the limited access granted by us under this Agreement, reserving our Company to seek any further positive and consequential damages that it may suffer because of the above unconventional behavior.

5. Intellectual Property Rights
Our Website and all information contained therein are the property of our Company and retain therefore all intellectual property rights in relation to all content contained on this website. Anything that the user sees, reads, and listens to (whether included or available) on our website (including photos, trademarks, logos, text, images, videos, sounds, and any other file) constitutes protective copyright and / or registered trademarks. The User is prohibited from selling, reproducing, distributing, modifying, displaying, redistributing or otherwise using and storing in any way whatsoever our Intellectual Property, or create derivative works based on the above in any form, electronically or other means other than for private use only. Any violation of these rights is punishable in accordance with the provisions of Greek and European copyright law, reserved by our Company to seek any further positive and consequential damages that it may have suffered from such unlawful user behavior.

6. Liability - Limitation of Liability - Disclaimer
(a) Our Business is not responsible for any unavailability or errors of this website, its contents and services, either due to force majeure (indicative and non limited to: unavailability of internet, power outage, technological equipment malfunction, telecommunication malfunction) or for other technical reasons or related to technical maintenance of our website. Our Company will make every effort to limit the frequency and duration of such error or limitation. In addition, our Company is not liable for any damage that may be caused to users by the operation, modification or sabotage of our website by third parties. Our Business, under any circumstances whatsoever, including the event of negligence to the fullest extent permitted by law, is not liable for any damage caused to any user or the user of the website, while using our Services and contents , in which he/she has access on his/her own initiative and with the acknowledge of these Terms, or any third party, as a result of the actions of any user of the Website in violation of these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or any specific terms agreed between our business and the user and the applicable legislation. Our Company is not liable either for damage caused by an infringement not executed by us or for any indirect or consequential damage caused not provided by both parties, ie the Business and the user, when the user first used our website and its related Services. Our Company is not responsible for any delay or failure to comply with its obligations under these Terms of Use, in the event that such delay or failure is due to a reason beyond our reasonable and expected control. Our Business does not warrant that our Website or the servers through which it is available to users do not contain "viruses" or other harmful software programs. Our Company has no control and therefore bears no responsibility for electronic communications networks and routing protocols through which users' personal data is transmitted to our Website. (b) All information, advice and materials contained on this Website have been developed solely for the purpose of providing information about our Company and its services. Although our Business has demonstrated the highest possible and commercially reasonable diligence in developing the content on our site, all its content and our business itself is provided "as it is" and "as available" and without any warranties of accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information contained therein. All guarantees, whether by law or implied, are expressly excluded to the extent permitted by law, including the appropriateness of the instrument for achieving the intended purpose and its satisfactory quality. Our Company bears no responsibility for any unacceptable, demeaning and generally offensive and illegal behavior of any user, as set forth in more detail par. 4. Users are obliged to report promptly and duly to our Company any unacceptable, offensive, illegal, conduct of any other user in any way that has come to their attention in order for our Company to take all appropriate legal action. (c) The restrictions and disclaimers in this paragraph are not intended to limit the liability of users or to alter their rights.

7. Links to websites of third parties
Our website may provide links to other sites maintained by third parties. Links to any such third party website are provided solely for the convenience of users. Our Business is not responsible for the content of any linked website and does not endorse or represent such linked web sites or any information, software or other products, services or materials used by them, or any results that may result from their use. The user is fully responsible for the access to any website of a third party linked to this website.

8. Website Services - Changes - Periodic Changes
The details of the services available on this website are subject to changes without notice. All services are subject to availability. Any changes or modifications made by our Company to these Terms of Use will appear on this page, so it is strongly recommended to users to read them frequently so that they are aware of our updates. Re-use of the Website is considered as acknowledge and acceptance of the modified Terms of Use by the user.

9. Applicable law
These Terms of Use as they are exclusively governed by and interpreted in accordance with Greek law, are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Thessaloniki.

10. Compensation
The user consents and agrees to indemnify our Company, CEO's, directors and employees from and against any claim, expense, loss, liability and costs (including attorneys' fees and expenses) incurred either because of failure to comply with these Terms of Use or because of any violation of the rights of any third party, including Network Providers.

11. Possibility of separation
If a provision of these Terms of Use is or becomes illegal, unlawful, void or unenforceable, this will not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms.

12. The ban on underage access to the website
We do not provide services to underage. Our services are intended for adults. In case you are under eighteen (18) years old, please use the Services of this website solely under the guidance of a parent or guardian in general. If, however, minors voluntarily and without the guidance of a parent or guardian have access to this website, our Company bears no responsibility.

13. Contact
This website is owned and operated by our Company, ie: the company under the name: "Papadopoulos Anastasios and Sia OE", and the distinctive title "K2 CONTRACT FURNITURE". Furniture Manufacturing
Registered office: 2nd klm of Chalkidona-Giannitsa
VAT no.: 999259390
Tel.: +30 23910 23773
E-mail: info@k2furniture.gr