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Überness restaurant by Chef Vasilis Kallidis

K2 CONTRACT FURNITURE has recently collaborated with the famous Greek chef Vasilis Kallidis, who has chosen our company and furniture to "dress up" his completely refurbished restaurant, ÜBERNESS.

ÜBERNESS is a casual gathering place rather than a restaurant, in the strict sense of the word. This is where Vasilis Kallidis uses his passion and unfolds his imagination through exquisite dishes with juicy burgers, spicy potatoes, crispy meatballs and many more delicious junk food. In such a place, with a warm, side by side atmosphere, and a relaxed mood, furniture and decoration could only be simple, comfortable with a pop urban sense.

Large, light colored wooden tables and benches, modern chairs made of compact beech, smaller, elegant wood and metal surfaces, next to wooden decorated corners and under the chairs there are lights form aluminum, creating a cozy and happy backdrop, open to those who like good company and leisurely meals.

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